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Robert De Niro, Raul Julia, Gary Oldman, Johnny Depp, Tom Hanks, Kevin Spacey, Denzel Washington, Hugh Jackman, Esai Morales, Sally Field, Don Cheadle, Meryl Streep, Morgan Freeman, Mark Wahlberg, Bruce Willis, Sandra Bullock, Marlon Brando, Leonardo DiCaprio, more to come...


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Aerosmith, Queen, KISS, Mott The Hoople, Sweet, Starz, Angel, Cheap Trick, Led Zeppelin, Chic, Earth Wind & Fire, The Who, The Beatles, The Kinks, Donna Summer, The Runaways, The Temptations, The Sex Pistols, The Clash, Winger, Def Leppard, Van Halen, Rainbow, Britny Fox, Deep Purple, Helix, The Ramones, Ratt, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, The Shoes, The Records, Foreigner, Heart, Prince, Whitesnake, Collective Soul, Lenny Kravitz, Miami Sound Machine, The Cars, INXS, Soundgarden, David Bowie, Audioslave


Eddie Kramer, Bob Ezrin, Roy Thomas Baker, Martin Birch, Robert John 'Mutt' Lange, Bob Rock, Jack Douglass, Chin/Chapman, Prince, Babyface, Beau Hill

My Complete Resume (ACTOR)


Extinction II: Revelations (2012) General Red/Omega (Lead) Extinction Films
Methodic III (2012) Mr. Cordell (Supporting) Blinky Productions / Chris R. Notarile
vOosHa dAy (2011) Detective Walker (Supporting) 5 Star Worldwide Productions / Christina Sampson
Extinction (2010) General Red/Omega (Lead) Smooth Motion Films / A.J. Carter
Methodic II (2010) Mr. Cordell (Supporting) Blinky Productions / Chris R. Notarile
Johnny Blue (2010) Steve Brey (Supporting) Orrichio Films / John Orrichio
The Last Airbender (2010) Fire Nation Warrior(Featured) Paramount Pictures / M. Night Shyamalan
Random Acts Of Violence (2010) Bonehead (Supporting) Blinky Productions / Chris R. Notarile
The Dead End Of The Woods (2010) Foster Grant (Lead) Kinetofilm / Brian Holcomb
Four Minutes (2010) Alexi Richmekoff (Lead) Production Pictures / Ramesh Anthony
In The Dark (2010) Burglar (Principal) Rabbit Hole Productions / Brian Keenan
Anything You Say Mr. J (2009) Dr. David Thurman (Supporting) Blinky Productions / Kim Santiago
Methodic 1.5 Mr. Cordell (Supporting) Blinky Productions / Chris R. Notarile
Abduction (2009) Johnny (Lead) Orrichio Films / John Orrichio
Just Like Me (2009) Bobby Green (Lead) Sidney J. Cohen & RTL Productions / David Greenberg
Bazookas: The Movie (2009) Janitor (Supporting) Thundercrack Films / Michael G. Leonard
Real Men Wear Pink (2009) Judge (Principal) Limhaj Films / Jamil Glenn
Maniac Cop (2008)              Promo Fan Film Mugger (Supporting) Blinky Productions / Chris R. Notarile
Hart's Ridge (2008) John (Principal) Oceanfire Studios / Mike Tyler
A Game Of Numbers (2008) Detective Riley (Lead) 856 Films / Jeff Profitt
The Happening (2008) Father In Elliot's Group(Featured) 20th Century Fox / M. Night Shyamalan
It Wasn't For Love (2008) Bill Katzman (Lead) 309 Films / Dwane Harris
If You Could Say It In Words (2008) Yoga Student (Featured) A Chip And A Chair Films / Nicholas Gray
Methodic (2007) Mr. Cordell (Principal) Blinky Productions / Chris R. Notarile
2|30 (2007) Villain 3 (Supporting) Fretboard Pictures / John Rhee
The Suit Case (2007) Tommy (Principal) 3 Point Production Group / Thad Reid
Shooter (2007) Man In Crowd (Featured) Paramount Pictures / Antoine Fuqua
Framework (2007) Bartender (Featured) Partners In Krime Productions / Kathy Grasso
Mya (2007) Mr. Colvey (Lead) Rob Hawk Productions / Rob Hawk
An Unexplained Murder (2006) The Intruder (Lead) One Light Films / Jamie Mengual
Our Business (2006) Ron Dale (Supporting) Fretboard Pictures / John Rhee
Eddie And The Cruisers (1983) Nightclub Patron (Featured) MGM / Martin Davidson
Final Showing (1981) Jack (Lead) Past & Present Productions / Frank Jacobs
Blow Out (1981) Train Station Passenger (Featured) MGM / Brian DePalma
The Main Course (1980) Bobby (Supporting) Past & Present Productions / Frank Jacobs


Parco P.I. (2006) Detective Lombardo (Featured) Court TV / Tom Bell
Tucci Live (1989-1990) House Band Member (Guest Star) MCTV Channel "J" / Lin Tucci


Luigi's Magic Pizza Stone (2007) Luigi (Lead) National Cable Television Distribution
Engineering An Empire (2006) Greek Man (Featured) The History Channel / Film Rite Entertainment
PSA - National Council On Alcoholism & Drug Dependence: 'Father's Choice' (2006) Dad (Lead) Fretboard Pictures / John Rhee


Grease (1982) Kenicke (Supporting) Art Theater Group
Godspell (1982) Judas Iscariot (Lead) Art Theater Group
Dames At Sea (1981) Sailor (Featured) AJC Players / Tony Costandino
Inherit The Wind (1980) Elijah (Principal) AJC Players / Tony Costandino


Holy Headshot! A Celebration Of America's Undiscovered Talent (2008) Actor/Model/Print Patrick Borelli & Douglas Gorenstein (Simon & Schuster)
Shooting Starz Productions (2007) Model/Print Rob Hawk
Journey Productions: The Musical Fashion Show (2005-2006) Model/Runway Jeannie Boyle
Joe Bowman Photography (2005-2006) Model/Print Joe Bowman

Music Video

LADY LYRICS-JAMES QUAKE: 'Muevelo' (2009) Drummer (Supporting) Orrichio Films / John Orrichio
APRIL FOOL: 'Next Time Around' (1990) Bassist (Lead) MCTV Channel "J"
APRIL FOOL: 'Cover Girls' (1989) Bassist (Lead) MCTV Channel "J"
THE END: 'Promo Videos' (1987) Bassist (Lead) Paragon Cable Television
DRIVE: 'Your Life' (1985) Bassist (Lead) Temple University / Greg Sheridan, Roberto Lombardi


The Condo Fucks Promo Video (2009) Roberto Zax (Lead) Matador Records / Patrick Borelli
Precious Memory Video (2009) Host (Lead) Orrichio Films / John Orrichio
Covenant Security Service (2006) Cameraman / Masked Intruder (Lead) Benji Bakshi Productions / Benji Bakshi, Jim McGinty

Performer Skills

  • Spoken Languages: Italian, Spanish
  • Athletic Skills: Swimming, Cycling, Bowling, Baseball, Track & Field
  • Accents: Italian, British, New York (Bronx), Spanish, Southern
  • Dance: Club/Freestyle
  • Performance Skills: Stage Combat, Comedian, Singing, Voiceover
  • Musical Instruments: Bass Guitar, Percussion, Organ, Guitar, Drums, Piano


  • Mike Lemon Casting, Philadelphia, Pa., Film Acting, Mike Lemon
  • Scarpell School Of Singing, Warninster, Pa., Advanced Vocal, Debbie Scarpell
  • Temple University, Philadelphia, Pa., Basic Acting, Temple University
    Drama, Comedy & Movement
  • Various Musical Instruments, Bryn Mawr, Pa., Drums, Bass Guitar, Guitar, Len Neri

Employment Details

  • Work History : Theater, Radio, Commercial, Music Video, Film, Television, Industrial
  • Job Categories: Editing, Production, Directing, Writing, Producing, Composing, Acting
  • Authorized to work in United States: Yes
  • Primary Citizenship: United States
  • Valid Passport: Yes
  • Prior Job Title(s): Actor, Assistant Director, Publicist, Casting, Musician, Music & Film Producer, Location Scout, Script Supervisor, Special Effects Makeup

Crew/Production Resume


vOosHa dAy (2011) Producer, Asst. Director, Screenplay, Locations, Publicist Five Star Worldwide Films
Extinction (2010) Associate Producer, Casting Smooth Motion Films / A.J. Carter
Johnny Blue (2010) Asst. Director, Producer, Casting, Publicist Orrichio Films / John Orrichio
Ghost Chicks (2010) (TV) Asst. Director, Producer, Casting, Publicist Orrichio Films / John Orrichio
Fright Factory Promos (2009) Asst. Director Orrichio Films / John Orrichio
Abduction (2009) Asst. Director, FX Makeup, Publicist, Casting, Script Supervisor, Original Music Orrichio Films / John Orrichio
Just Like Me (2009) Producer, Asst. Director, Locations, Casting, Set Design, Original Music, Publicist RTL Productions / David Greenberg
Dreams Of The Dead (2009), Black Ribbon (2007), Requiem For A Vampire (2006), The Possession Of Father Thomas (2004) Publicist Orrichio Films / John Orrichio
Avenger (2008) Co Producer Kent Darden

My Complete Resume (MUSICIAN)





ECLIPSE: 'Demo' (1979) Drums, Vocals N/A - Bryn Mawr Recorders: Bryn Mawr, Pa. 
THE FACTS: 'Demo' (1982) Drums, Vocals, Songwriter Producer - Dragon Court: Woburn, Ma.
THE COUNT: 'Moving Forward' (1982) N/A Producer - Downtown Recorders: Boston, Ma.
GENERIC MUSIC: 'Demo' (1982) Percussion N/A -  Rehearsal Studio: Detroit, Mi.
THE END: 'Demo' (1983) Drums, Vocals, Songwriter N/A - Fresh Tracks: Philadelphia, Pa.
THE END: 'Demo' (1984) Drums, Vocals, Percussion, Songwriter N/A - Fresh Tracks: Philadelphia, Pa.
WHITE LINES: 'Demo' (1985) Bass, Vocals, Drums, Guitar, Percussion, Songwriter Producer, Engineer - Rehearsal Studio: Bryn Mawr & Villanova, Pa.
STREETROCKER: 'Demo' (1985) Drums, Vocals Producer - Network Studios: Belmawr N.J.
DRIVE: 'Demo' (1985) Bass, Vocals Producer, Engineer -  Rehearsal Studio: Media, Pa.
DRIVE: 'Demo' (1986) Bass, Vocals, Songwriter Producer, Engineer - Beams Music: Exton, Pa.
THE END: "Demo" (1987) Bass, Vocals N/A - Fresh Tracks: Philadelphia, Pa.
THE END: 'Demo' (1988) Bass, Vocals Producer, Engineer - Fresh Tracks/Galaxy Studios: Philadelphia, Pa. & Somerdale, NJ
BRAT: 'Demo' (1988) Bass, Vocals, Percussion, Songwriter Producer, Engineer - Fresh Tracks: Philadelphia, Pa.
APRIL FOOL: 'Playin' To Win' (1989) Bass, Vocals, Percussion, Songwriter Producer - Galaxy Recording Studio: Somerdale, NJ
STONE COLD: 'Crimes Of Passion' (1990) Bass, Vocals Producer - Iris Sound: Royersford, Pa.
THE RAGE: 'Take On The World' (1992) Bass, Vocals, Drums, Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion, Songwriter Producer - Fresh Tracks: Philadelphia, PA.
THE RAGE: 'Rock & Roll It' (1994) Bass, Vocals, Drums, Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion, Songwriter Producer, Engineer - Rage Recorders:   Philadelphia, Pa.
RED SKY: 'Game Theory' (2001) Bass, Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion, Songwriter Producer - Stonecreek Studios: Gladwynne, Pa.
ROAD TRIP: 'Driven' (2006) Bass, Vocals, Keyboards, Percussion, Songwriter Producer, Engineer - Range Entertainment: Ardmore, Pa.

I have also done demo's of various songs at home (1996-Present) where I play all instruments & sing all vocals plus do all the songwriting, producing & engineering.

From mid 1986 to late 1988 I worked for a company first called "MUSIC TRACKS" and then "STAR TRACKS" that provided the music and guide vocals for what later became known as "karaoke".  I was one of the house musicians hired to record the backing tracks.  I sang and played bass, drums, guitar, keyboards and percussion on various tracks in all styles of music.



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