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Some of you may know me as Roberto, Robert,  Rob or Bob (which I hate!).

 I'm an actor & musician from the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area who's been a member of many bands, some more popular than others, but all had some kind of local or national interest.  Films I've acted in will be released starting in 2007. This website gives you information on me and the various bands / acting projects I've been a part of.  It also is a place where you can get a hold of some of the recordings made by any of these bands or maybe even check out some songs, watch a video or view the gallery that includes each band listed. Some of these band members and actors have their own sites, so check out the links section.  I'm also available for recording sessions.  I write, sing, play many instruments and can produce in the studio for you...Enjoy the site!

This section is set up to give you a more personal look.  It has all kinds of information on myself, my family and my friends. Likes and dislikes...you get the picture and you can see the pictures here.  I will also update this section from time to time.


I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on December 31, 1963.  My Father (Fernando) and Mother (Dolores) are the children of immigrants and I am an only child.  My heritage is Italian & Spanish.  My family moved from South Philadelphia to the suburbs when I was in second grade.  I would say that I was a pretty hyper kid!  I still have the metabolism of a 15 year old...  I became interested first in music at a very early age, setting up pillows and beating them with wooden spoons to any music I heard.  I also began acting along with the t.v. and any movie I saw.  By the time I got to high school I knew that music & acting would always be a big part of my life, if not my career (I'm trying real hard).  I have a very close, though extended, family that I'm not ashamed to say I love very much.  As far as work in the "real world" I held down retail management jobs to get money to pay for music until the mid 90's when I made a total about face.  I have been working in Law Enforcement since 1996.  It is an interesting, rewarding and often frustrating profession.  Along the way I have made some incredible friends.  Most of whom are not "like" family, they "are" family...


Best friends & brothers - David Gonzalez, Me & Jesus Villanueva in Puerto Rico (2001)

My graduation from the Police Academy - with my parents (2001)

Jesus, Irma Villanueva & I in Haiti (1999)

Jesus & I in Jamaica - The store owner got pissed off! (1999)

My cousins - Eric Evangelista, Me & David Evangelista (1998)

Dave G. & I in the Florida Keys (2000)

17 & a full beard... (1981)

My parents & I (1989)

Cindy Eckert (now Martin) & me (1995)

My gorgeous cousin Dana Fresolone & I at her wedding. (1984)

Greg Cianfrini, Tom "Jinx" Jasinski & me (1985)

Greg & I in Fort Lauderdale (1985)

Yes, I was a hippie! Key West - (1991)

With my godson Nick Fresolone & his brother Joe (1992)

Me in London (1993)

My cousin Nick Capoferri, Me & Cindy (1992)

Me in Paris (1994)

Greg & I were popular in Florida, I think we told them we were in Bon Jovi! (1985)

Yes, I've had a lot of different looks... (1990)

Me & Cindy (1993)

Me In Rome (1994)

My yearbook photo (1981)

Me In San Francisco (2003)

Me In Hawaii (2003)

Me In Miami (2002)

Aunts & Uncles! (1986)

Me in Washington DC (1991)

My Mom modeling at Tavern On The Green, NYC (1998)

Me in Venice (1994)

Cindy & I (1994)

Me & Jesus in Miami (1999)

Me in London (2004)

Dave & I in Atlantic City (2005)

Me in Athens (2004)

Almost All Of My Family (2004)

Debbie, Me, Terri, Jesus & Irma - Cruise (1999)

With my friend Manny Artiles in Miami (2004)

More Wine! Dave & I in Miami (2004)

With my friend Juan Carlos in San Juan (2005)

Jesus & I in Atlantic City (2005)

Me In Disney World - Orlando (1993)

With Coleen Knox at Temple University - Philadelphia (1987)

Me In Hawaii - Standing at the mouth of a volcano with another in the background! (1992)

Me & my new friend in Munich (1994)

My Mom thinking she's Jackie O... The babies are my cousin Dana (left) and Me (1964)

Me in Times Square, NYC (2005)

Jesus & I shooting the bull in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico (2006)

My new buddy Casanova (2007)

My Mother's side of the family (2006)

With Art Lyle - Someday the two of us are going to have our own Detective series...

Me & My Girl Christina on the way to a set (2008)


Coming Soon...



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