Recorded Songs:

Running - (J.P. Reimer) (c) 1984

City Pretty - (B. Perrone/C. Kranick) (c) 1984

Chosen One - (J.P. Reimer) (c) 1984

Fight For The Beast - (R. Lombardi/B. Perrone/J.P. Reimer) (c) 1984

Cultural Exchange - (J.P. Reimer) (c) 1983

Beg For Mercy - (R. Lombardi) (c) 1983

Not Ready For Love - (J.P. Reimer) (c) 1985

Loud-N-Proud - (C. Ritchie) (c) 1985

On Your Own - (J.P. Reimer) (c) 1983*

Other Songs:

Midnight Madness - (R. Lombardi/B. Perrone) (c) 1983

So Fine - (J.P. Reimer) (c) 1983

Internal Conflict - (B. Perrone) (c) 1983

You Can't Steal Love - (R. Lombardi/B. Perrone) (c) 1983

The Killing Kind - (B Perrone) (c) 1983

The Gauntlet - (C. Ritchie) (c) 1985

Tracks 1-4 recorded at "Fresh Tracks", Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1984.  Produced By Larry Spivack & The End.

Tracks 5, 6 & 9 Also recorded at "Fresh Tracks" & Produced by Larry Spivack & The End in 1983.

Tracks 7 & 8 recorded at "Galaxy" studios in Sommerdale, NJ in 1985.  Produced by Robert Leese.

All songs published by: FIREMOUTH MUSIC ascap

All logo's for "THE END" (c) 1983 Jean Pierre Reimer


I recently ran into Jimmy Kennedy in Phialdelphia. Jimmy was our Road Manager, MC and Sound Man for a long time.  He is well & living / working in Philadelphia.

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Both albums by 'THE END' available for digital download!

Additional Musicians/Credits:

*"On Your Own" featured an early version of "The End" (Mark One) with Leo Mancuso (Drums - We both took drum lessons from the great Len Neri), Rick Dry (Keyboards) & Bob Allen (Bass - of "Sister Sledge" fame no less!).  This lineup also recorded an EP that was released on their own label, Revolver Records. (See below (c) & (p) 1981)

Teenage Misfortune - (B. Perrone/L. Mancuso)

Why Should Love Hurt - (J.P. Reimer)

Watch Out - (B. Perrone)

Take It Or Leave It - (B. Perrone)

All tracks recorded at C & C Recording Studios & engineered by Ed Candaloria.

Rob Lombardi: 

Drums, Percussion, Background Vocals, Songwriter, Producer  (all tracks except 7-9)

This was my first "circuit" band as a drummer.  A big difference from a touring band like "The Facts". After being in so many bands of different genres, I really felt at home in a hard rock band like THE END, plus I really started writing songs in this band - begining with "Beg For Mercy" which I played in 3 other bands and recorded twice...

Jean Pierre Reimer:

Guitars, Background Vocals, Songwriter, Producer 

Jean was someone who called me up from an ad I placed looking for a band.  I went for the audition in 1983 and I just clicked with the band.  I was 19 years old & looking to break into the Philly music scene.  Jean is a really talented songwriter.  He could write very heavy songs that had the catchiest hooks.  We became great friends for a while and really pushed the band.  "THE END" was his baby and as far as I know has been his only band. I last saw him in 1989. UPDATE: I saw Jean at Billy's funeral.  We exchanged numbers & talked about doing a project together.  It was great to see him.

Billy Perrone: 

Guitars, Background Vocals, Songwriter

Billy is another example of a good "hook" writer.  The music he came up with just kind of stayed in your head. We would rehearse at his place and had a blast! As far as I know, this was also the only band Billy was in and I haven't seen him since 1985. UPDATE: I'm sorry to report that Billy passed away in late September 2005 - He will be missed.

Cy Kranick:

Lead & Background Vocals, Songwriter

Cy joined "The End" a month after I did.  I know that his background was in cover bands and he came highly recommended due to his ability to sing smooth like Steve Perry and still be able to scream like Rob Halford or Bruce Dickinson.  I last saw Cy in 1987 when he stopped by a rehearsal of the reformed band. UPDATE: Just heard from Cy! He is doing well, married with kids & living in Pennsylvania still. I missed him at Billy's funeral, he had left before I arrived.

Eddie Byrd:

Bass, Background Vocals (tracks 1-4, 7 & 8)

Eddie was recommended to the band by his bass teacher - Buddy Cash (Now in LeCompt).  we were in a tough spot because we had gigs booked and Joel Trent had just left the band.  Eddie stepped in & just blew us away with his energy.  I last saw Eddie when he stopped in at the reformed bands new spot in 1987.

Chris Doyle:

Bass (Tracks 5 & 6)

Chris joined the band a few months before I did.  He was a pleasant enough guy.  But I don't think he was that into the "Rock & Roll" lifestyle.  He had interesting approach to the bass as is evident on the 2 songs we recorded with him. I don't think he was in any other bands. UPDATE: Just heard from Chris' sister Mary! He is doing well & living in Baltimore. He is now a licensed minister and still plays guitar & bass. He also works in radio. Thanks Mary for the update!

Joel Trent:

Bass, Background Vocals, Songwriter

The only photo I have of Joel is the one at the top of this page in the band shot (far right).  Joel lived about 2 hours away from us in York, Pa. & stayed at Billy's on the weekends to rehearse.  It got to be to much for him & he quit right after the photo session!!  I haven't seen him since 1984.

Band Bio:

One day in March of 1983 I got a call from a guitarist named Jean Pierre Reimer who wanted to know if I'd be interested in auditioning for his band called "THE END". They were opening for "Twisted Sister" & I liked what he had to say on the phone, so I went...  It was my first real circuit band in Philadelphia .  The band (Mark Two) consisted of myself, Jean, Billy & Chris...Cy came in about a month later. We quickly put together a set of about 11 songs and jumped right out onto the Philly area club circuit playing at the "Galaxy", the "Empire" and the "Menagerie" to name a few.  The first casualty of the band was Chris.  He just didn't have the image we were after and he wound up being fired at the end of 1983.  We were trying to fit in with bands like "Saints In Hell" & "Dead End Kids" so we slowly started becoming "HEAVIER"!  We briefly had a bassist named Tim Buckwalder who we did a photo shoot with but he quit shortly after.  After an eternity of looking, we brought in Joel Trent on bass (Mark Three), did another photo shoot and started booking gigs and rehearsing our butts off!  Joel just couldn't handle the 2 hour drive from York, Pa., so, with shows already booked...He quit!  Now we needed to find another bassist fast! So we tried to convince Billy Childs (later of "Britny Fox") to join the band.  He passed, so we wound up with Eddie Byrd (Mark Four)...He was the right guy!  Looks, attitude & played a mean bass in the Steve Harris vein.  This line up did pretty well on the circuit and generated some management & record company interest. We were everywhere! You could find us opening for "Helen Wheels", or backstage hanging out with "Ratt" & "Accept" in Harrisburg, Pa. or partying in New York City with "Motley Crue" & "Iron Maiden".  The stories I could tell...!  The guys from Maiden even wore our "End Girl" t-shirts on MTV! We were briefly represented by Apollo Artists Attractions, but they wanted us to be more of a cover band. Something we were trying to get far away from...

Unfortunately, soon after that a meeting with a big management company was blown off by one of the band members...No, I won't say which one, and I started to lose interest in the band which led to them auditioning other drummers behind my back!  So, In the summer of 1984 I was out and "Bazooka" Joe Solina was in! (Mark Five)  Joe is a great drummer.  They went to New York & filmed 2 videos for a new cable network called Paragon and did a new photo shoot to match.  Not long after that I heard that Billy was fired & that Curt Ritchie was brought in on Guitar in his place (Mark Six).  They recorded 2 songs at the "Galaxy" in 1985 & remixed some of the older tracks adding Curt into the mix.  A lot of gigging later, the band called it quits at the end of 1985.  In late 1986 Jean wanted to reform the band and called me to play bass on the studio tracks (Mark Seven).  That version of the band is covered in the "The End/Brat" section of this site.  If you have any of the missing 8X10's forward them my way...


"Bazooka" Joe Solina:

Drums (Tracks 7 & 8)

My replacement! Joe hung in with "The End" from 1984 to 1988 when he left (or was fired?) due to his wanting to play live more.  He joined a band called "Rough Dymond" that I did shows with while in "April Fool".  Joe did alot of songwriting in that band.  I haven't seen Joe since around 1989.

Curt Ritchie:

Guitars, Background Vocals, Songwriter, Producer. (tracks 7 & 8)

Curt joined "The End" after success with "Saints In Hell" and an early version of "Brat".  I still say that Curt is one of the best guitarists / songwriters I have ever worked with.  His song "Loud-N-Proud" is simply one of the best anthems ever written...period.  See the "Brat" bio for more information on Curt.

Brian Paine:

Lead & Background Vocals, Songwriter

Brian joined "The End" while Jean Reimer was revamping the band in 1987.  Brian brought a whole new sound & feel to the band with his great vocal style & tough, catchy lyrics - More on Brian on the "Brat" page of my site.


                           This is another band that I thought could have made it, especially later on when          I was playing bass.  It was a big tease to be constantly around the "big" bands of that time and not be on the bill with them and making records.  It was the same years later while in "April Fool"                          


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Dave Murray of 'Iron Maiden' wearing his 'End Girl' t-shirt in the 'Behind The Iron Curtain' video.

We gave the whole band a shirt and they were cool enough to wear the on TV and in interviews.