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                   AVAILABLE NOW: 'Abduction', 'Bazookas: The Movie', 'Just Like Me', 'Methodic', 'The Happening' on DVD -  'Holy Headshot!' BOOK and the entire RTL Productions music catalogue for digital download!

         2010 is going to be a BUSY year!         


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  •   Songwriting   AND MORE!!!        All my credits & which bands did the music - Plus my complete live gig history!  Includes acting work as well.
  •   Film / TV   A listing of all the Film, Television Shows, Theater and Commercials I've acted in.  Contains links & info to other sites and Actors on IMDb.   UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Check out the book - I'm on page 18!

'Holy Headshot! A Celebration of America's Undiscovered Talent' by Patrick Borelli & Douglas Gorenstein

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November 9, 2009

  • LATEST NEWS:  Currently in pre-production for feature films 'Extinction', 'Random Acts Of Violence', 'Johnny Blue', 'vOosHa dAy' and filming 'The Dead End Of The Woods' and 'In The Dark'. Also currently in production behind the scenes on the new paranormal investigative series 'Ghost Chicks'. Look for all to be released to theaters, DVD and national television in 2010.  Also, in negotiations for several print ads (photo shoots) & I have many upcoming film and television auditions both in Philadelphia, NYC & beyond. 

  • ONLINE SALES:  Finally the RTL Productions, LLC cd catalogue is available for digital download on many sites, as well as for sale online through CDbaby,  Amazon & more. Check the Merchandise section for updates.

  • CHECK IT OUT!!:   I've added more pages, pictures and polls to the site.  Also, I will be adding a lot of links to other actors, musicians / bands websites.  There is a lot of great talent in the Philadelphia area from the past and of today that you may not know about, so you can link to it here.  I also have friends in other parts of the world who are making a name for themselves who have sites you should check out.

  • FINALLY: The Media section is a reality!  VIDEO: Is linked to YouTube, but you can view them right here!   MUSIC: Will be linked to an iTunes type site. Want to hear "Beg For Mercy" by THE END, but lost the tape?    Want to see what THE RAGE was like live?  It's all on the way...!  

  • 8X10 PHOTO'S WANTED: If you are one of the musicians mentioned on this site and want to contribute and let people get an update on you, drop me a line and send me some information / pictures / web address or anything about what you're doing and I'll make sure it gets posted. I'm always looking for information on all of you, so let me know...


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